The CONCEPT  ‘Wonderland’ is a mixed-media performance written in rhyme. It intersects the story of 'Alice in Wonderland' with social injustices prevalent all over the world in this day and age. As Alice* wanders in Wonderland, every creature she meets subjects her to a different limited, unfair, and oppressive opinion, which she can never wrap her head around, thus countering each one with her own pro-individuality-based logic. The idea is to create a performance that anyone in the world can empathize with by addressing the in-your-face injustices and shedding light on the ones so subtle that they are hard to catch, through one of the most engaging stories ever told.

*Names can be modified/changed
The RELEVANCE  Racism, sexism, patriarchy, homophobia, superstition, lookism, period shaming, and the list goes on - these are all issues that are very much relevant in the now, and though some are only faced in certain areas or by certain communities, it is very important that people, especially children, are made aware of their existence if change is to be created in the generations to come. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a story that cuts through the divides of time, countries, and age, and is viewed by children as an amusement park of fantastical encounters with a moral to end each. While adults view it as more or less the same, they are also able to garner philosophical
nuances, making it the perfect framework to inspire social acceptance.

The MATERIAL  The basic structure of the story has already been created by the rhyming verses that take us through the protagonist's journey. However, the simplicity of the structure gives the piece the scope to be modified by different stories gathered from different people and places as well to create different sets of performances. Songs that function as the prelude and postlude have also been created* in English and will be translated into either Hindi or Braj Bhasha (Hindi dialect used in most classical songs) and composed in Raags Yaman and Bhairav of Hindustani Music. This also creates the avenue to apply different styles of music and composition from all over the world for each set of performances. 
*Core material can be modified
The OUTCOME  The desired short-term outcome is to create, by bringing together the elements of acting, slam poetry, song, dance, animation, typography, and project mapping, a piece that can be performed live in small to medium-sized venues, as well as shot as a 15 minute* film.
*Time can vary
The TEAM  Staying true to the theme for the best possible outcome, a collaboration between artists in the Netherlands and in India is what is most desired for the best possible results. A final core team of artists and technicians can be developed based on the final idea, time frames, and availabilities of all artists involved.
Below please find a list of artists that could be involved:
Devi Giannetti: Actor, Singer, Writer, Dancer.
Mirjam van Dijk: Actor, Singer, Multi-media Theatre Practitioner
Usha Tikekar-Deshpande: Hindustani Classical Singer, Composer, Lyricist. 
Sadek Merchant: Animation, Design, Typography
The Bombay Jazz Club: A whole community of Indian and International jazz musicians lead by D. Wood.
The FUTURE PLAN  In the larger scheme of things, this could be considered a ‘beta version’ of the project. The performances and video can be used as a means to pitch this concept to prospective parties who could aid in the development of a large-scale musical and/or a feature-length film.