An ensemble of 9 monologues, thematically revolving around some connotation of the word Single.
From a Bandra mother concerned about the single-mindedness of devotion to religion being taught to her daughter; to a mixed-race girl fighting judgment and refusing to be put in a box –​ ​metaphorically, of course, that does not do justice to her complexities and nuances.
A mid-level Nagpada smuggler on a date where everything he’s organized is ‘ek number’, but his​ ​girl’s running late and he starts delving, in Hindi, into his ambition to​ ​be number one; to a cocky actor​ ​intellectually masturbating about how everything is about me, myself and I.
A Londoner advocating the benefits of lone​ ​drinking in a bar on a weekday afternoon; to a woman​ ​recounting how she met ‘the one’ in college in the most simple​ ​and inconspicuous way; to a husband, settling the more ​important accounts of a failed marriage like shared memories,​ ​I.P.’s on nicknames with his wife who is leaving him for good;​ ​to India, who happens to be a 27-year-old player enjoying the​ ​benefits of singledom so much that he needs an intervention!​
All the pieces are original.​ ​Each monologue is a complete story within itself. Through the​ ​monologues, we hope to entertain at the very least, if not​ ​intellectually provoke. Solid​ ​text in the hands of great actors in a minimalist setting.​ ​Insightful. Violently engaging. And the promise of power-packed performances.
Directed by Karan Pandit
Written by Karan Pandit, Devi Giannetti, Ambiecka Pandit & Adam Kay
Starring Karan Pandit, Devi Giannetti, Sushrii Shreyaa Mishraa & Vishal Handa
Performed at the Jeff Goldberg Studio, Mumbai