EMG Content Services
Everything is video. We want to see, hear and feel moving images, anytime, anywhere. Handheld in the subway, on a bigger screen at home, or on the biggest screens outdoors. In the image culture of today, video is a powerful asset if managed in the right way. How do organisations get the most out of their moving images?
Present in The Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, Euro Media Group brings events like the Olympics or the FIFA world championship to billions of viewers worldwide. As a technical integrator, the group is active in all parts of the production process, handling every aspect from filming to content delivery. For telecommunication companies, broadcasters, content owners and corporates.
We know video
‘It is not about what we do, It is about what video can do.’
By teaming up with Total Identity, Amsterdam, EMG Content Services was able to  re-envision themselves with this statement resonating through its essence. 

As an intern there I was given the opportunity to assist the team and then eventually take a lead on this project in terms of it's visual communication and carefully created brand guidelines. With these in place, Total Identity have ensured that EMG Content Services will always aim, and even use their own logo, to make customers' video content shine. It is a living identity that can be adjusted to different target audiences in all the 5 EMG countries. The result yielded, is flexible, yet powerful.